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3 Lip Scrub Benefits You May Be Missing Out On!

Lip scrubs should be apart of anyone's weekly spa treatments for themselves - yes even the men ! Lip care is so important and now that Fall is upon us and Winter will soon be approaching you need to keep lip care in check and make sure the cold doesnt put a damper in your game. 

Here are some benefits of lip scrubs. 


1. Lip scrubs helps to eliminate the dead and rough skin on your lips.  - Ever notice how your lip balm or lipstick isn't looking too good on your lips ? Well it could be because you haven't used a lip scrub!

2. Lip scrubs helps for new skin cell renewal on lips -  After exfoliating your lips - it helps your skin to breathe and for skin renewal which equals to healthier and smoother lips !

3. Lip scrubs help to keep cracked lips in check and retain moisture -  The skin on the lips are thin and easily lose moisture which is why we always have to use lip balm for example. Weekly use of a lip scrub will not only exfoliate your lips but also add mega doses of good moisture back to help with cracking or splitting. 


Convinced yet? Get your lip scrub here and start treating yourself!