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F&E Email List - Why you should sign up

Signing up for email lists can be a tricky thing and at times be a nuisance .  Who wants spam emails? At the same time email lists provide a great way for a brand to keep in contact with their customer base and also offer special discounts and even direct communication with customers and fans. 

At F&E we hope that you never feel spammed when we send our emails - we sincerely want to keep in touch with you and let you know what is coming next and offer you special discounts all because you signed up with us.  We are a small   ( micro business ) and we are blessed just to be HERE and to have YOU . 

All new F&E subscribers who sign up get a coupon code for 10% off their next purchase and who doesn't like coupons right?  Plus dont you want to know when we are restocking on your fave product? Or when we are launching your fave product?

So thank you again for signing up , it means alot to us - hope you love our emails and F&E as much as we do. 

Stay Blessed Always F&E Family!

Santana- Finn & Everly