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Eco Friendly Packaging at Finn & Everly

Packaging is KING when it comes to business - so many small businesses  put so much effort into packaging and when your order is shipped.  Its amazing and its always like Christmas when your new order comes in the mail. 

We wanted to take a moment to explain how we are changing our packaging and shipping for you , for us and for the earth.
All the extras and bells and whistles - confetti, colored boxes, etc are great and we love them too but for Finn & Everly we cherish more simple and eco friendly. 
We believe in  recycle  and repurposing when possible and having packaging that helps the earth as well. 

Finn & Everly now uses  Eco friendly packaging through Ecoenclose , they are an amazing and super affordable packaging option! We love them becuase everying thing is eco friendly even down to the ink that is used ! Plus its affordable for small businesses  which also helps translate into our pricing for YOU - It helps makes things more affrodable  for everyone. 

With our packaging you know that you are not making extra waste and we encourage our wonderful customers to repurpose our shipping boxes, empty containers when you have used all your product  and packing fill.  

Some things that Finn & Everly is doing to be Eco Friendly:
- We try to use glass containers when possible as they can be easily sanitized and cleaned and repurposed for your other personal uses. 
- Using an affordable eco friendly shipping product supplier 
- Trying to minimize wasteful “extras” when it comes to packaging 
-Use materials that are multi purpose  (I.e ) our customer discount cards will be double sided to also serve as our business card to save on wasteful paper use and be multipurpose !
We hope this good news helps you to choose to support Finn & Everly - we have always been about being simple, serving purpose and high quality.  We take that seriously as we continue to think about our products and packaging.

Again we thank you for being here because you are important and we are blessed to have you ! 

Finn & Everly