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Coconut sugar lip scrub made with mango butter
coconut sugar lip scrub made on finger to show texture
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, coconut sugar lip scrub made on finger to show texture

Coconut Sugar & Mango Butter Lip Scrub - Lavender Grapefruit

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This is NOT another plan ole lip scrub! What makes this different you ask?

MANGO BUTTER -  our mango butter mixture along with the organic coconut sugar not only exfoliates  your lips but leaves a balm once you wipe off so  your lips stay moisturized.  

We want your lips to truly get a pampered treatment !

Size: 1 oz

Now comes with a free mini scoop for ease and sanitary use! 

Tip: If you plan on wearing a liquid lipstick after its best to completely wipe off the  balm  so your lipstick will adhere better. 

Usage Notes: Our lip scrub leaves a layer of balm on your lips so they are soft,smooth and protected. Remember to rub gently as skin on the lips is thin and our scrub does not require a lot of pressure. 

This scrub can easily work as a hand scrub !- Simply use a small amount and rub gently over hands, wash hands with soap and water well and dry with paper towel - follow up with F&E nail and cuticle oil and lotion. 


Use this lip scrub weekly to keep your lips healthy, moisturized and ready to go !  - Please do not over exfoliate .  We suggest use once a week.  

Please Note: Skin on the lips is very thin and sensitive so please use weekly to avoid over exfoliation of lips.

NOTE: Please be mindful of ingredients when purchasing, do a skin patch test for 24 hours prior to first use and look for signs of a  allergic reaction.  If any irritation occurs please rinse off product and stop use. 

**Product is made in small batches to maintain high quality . Due to the nature of this product some melting of the product may exist - we suggest being mindful when ordering when it comes to delivery and having item in the heat. We suggest having product cool in the fridge before use. 

Ingredients : 

 Sweet Almond Oil -

  • Locks in moisture for soft supple lips 
  • Helps support healthy skin cells.

Coconut Oil

  • Super moisturizing for skin
  • Acts as a emollient and traps moisture 


  • Natural emulsifiers to help keep in moisture
  • Helps to prevent chapping
  • helps to heal chapped lips

Avocado Oil

  • Antioxidant rich oil
  • Contains vitamins A,D & E

Cocoa Seed Butter

  • Helps to keep lips soft and hydrated for longer period of time
  • High in fatty acids

Mango Seed Butter

  • Rich moisturizer
  • Rich and dense in texture - it takes a while to soak in thus providing a protective barrier for moisture

Lavender Essential Oil

  • Soothing and moisturizing for skin
  • Helps to support healing of chapped lips

Grapefruit Essential Oil

  • Antimicrobial and Antiseptic proprieties 
  • Helps to seal in moisture

Organic Coconut Sugar

  • Exfoliation for lips
  • Sugar was processed in a facility that also process nuts 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

I love it and my granddaughter thinks it tastes good 😂. Will buy again for sure


I've been using this lip scrub for a solid 2 weeks now every morning and night and this stuff is amazing. It is a morning and night routine for my 2 year old daughter and I. All you need is a tiny bit and it goes such a long way. It is INSTANT hydration to your lips. The scrub is so gently yet AFFECTIVE! This actually keeps the moisture locked in unlike many other lip scrubs I have tried. The amount of product you get is amazing! Stop waiting and just BUY THIS! Promise you won't regret it.

Sarah Anderson
Perfect lip care

Love this scrub! It’s gentle on my lips and leaves them feeling supple! What’s more amazing is that if you gently swipe a finger across the top you get enough Shea to rub on like a balm. Some days that’s all I need, super effective!!

Lip scrub is bomb!

This lip scrub works wonders. I usually have dry lips by the end of the day. I use this scrub in my nightly routine of skin care every night! It works wonders and smells great. It's not harsh at all and exfoliates so well. Definitely recommend.