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Here at Finn & Everly we do take safety seriously and we also take this COVID-19 pandemic seriously as well. We understand that we are blessed that  even during this pandemic you are choosing to support our small business. 

 Here are our safety measures for our safety and yours. 


  • All packaging containers are sanitized & cleaned  thoroughly prior to filling with commercial grade disinfectant.
  • Work area is always disinfected and cleaned thoroughly before, during and after use. 
  • Gloves and masks are always worn by staff  when making, cleaning and  packaging products/orders.
  • New inventory/supplies are wiped down with commercial grade disinfectant prior to use and storage.
  • Supplies and inventory are kept in a separate location for safety and less exposure.
  • Products are wiped down with disinfect wipes when packaged for shipping.
  • Packages are picked up in a safe area for USPS to collect to try to minimize how many times an order is handled.

Your safety and ours is important and we will continue to do everything we can to protect ourselves and you and produce the great quality products that you deserve. 

Mask up and stay safe! 

- The Finn & Everly Team