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F&E Promise

At Finn & Everly we value quality , good ingredients and diversity. 

We strive to provide products that deliver results and nourish your body and skin.

Accessories that help you get the job done and quality that you can trust and that you pay for. 

We strive to use ingredients that have a purpose in our products and if it doesn't have a purpose we don't need it in our products. 

We want to provide daily use products that you can rely on and trust - ones that will make you come back often to check out new products and restock on your beloved ones. 

We pride ourselves on being a POC ( person of color) woman owned business and we want to share the love- along with HAND MAKING OUR PRODUCTS we also PROUDLY support and work with a black female owned manufacturer that helps us to make the great products that you are using.

We  source our ingredients from other small business when possible as well as working with suppliers like Young Living that has a strict and high quality standard.

 We are all trying to build our legacies & dreams and we shall support each other. 

This is our promise - Give you quality products with good ingredients and supporting diversity in our partners and customers.