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Lemon Nail & Cuticle Oil Pen
Lemon Nail & Cuticle Oil Pen
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Lemon Nail & Cuticle Oil Pen

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Nails and cuticles need love too, this nail and cuticle oil is so moisturizing  and healthy for your nails.  We use high quality essential oils for their healing properties along with the strong power of skin and nail loving oils.

This oil will have your nails smelling amazing and looking even better and healthy – perfect to help freshen a manicure and to use after a fresh manicure/pedicure or new set of nails!

Size: 3 ML


Now your favorite nail and cuticle oil comes in a easy to take along pen!

Take this pen anywhere on the go with you! - This is great for your purse, desk, backpack - take it with you when you get your mani and pedi. 

This product is made in small batches to maintain quality , color may differ due to nature of ingredients used . 


Twist pen to dispense product.

Use daily on all fingers and toes and rub into nails/cuticles and fingers.

Ingredients : 

Castor Oil :

  • Acts as a barrier for weak and brittle nails
  • Omega Fatty Acids and protein help nails grow longer with repeated use
  • Anti Inflammatory properties

Jojoba Oil :

  • Soothe dry or cracked skin
  • Improving nail bed strength
  • Anti-Oxidant and Anti- Fungal properties
  • Helps boost nail growth

Rosehip Oil:

  • Helps to reduce brittle nail growth
  • Help nourish skin and nail
  • Helps in nail growth

Sweet Almond Oil :

  • Contains proteins and minerals and vitamins A,B & E
  • Can plump cuticles to healthy
  • Great for helping to heal troubled nails with continued use

    Lemon Essential Oil :

    • Moisturize nails
    • Helps to strengthen nails
    • Brightens 

    Tea Tree Essential Oil:

    • Anti fungal and Anti septic properties
    • Aids in repairing and re strengthening nails
    • Aid in nail discoloration

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    I love this but then I love lemon 🍋 like that I have it in my purse take it out when ever I need to very convenient I thank you my cuticles 😊