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Wholesale Nail & Cuticle Oil Pens

Wholesale Nail & Cuticle Oil Pens

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Need ready made nail oil pens for a gift , your nail business or small business ?

Our nail oil pens are made with nail & cuticle healing oils along with premium essential oils that all serve a purpose. 

These nail pens come unlabeled so you have freedom to label as you desire. 

You can choose from 4 different scents ( for our nail oils we only use essential oils as our fragrance due to the benefits to the nails & cuticles) : 

  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender Lemon

Please allow Wholesale processing time for 2 weeks .

Our nail & cuticle oil pens are handmade and made to order to ensure quality and freshness. 

Size of each nail pen 3 ML

Ingredients : 

Castor Oil :

  • Acts as a barrier for weak and brittle nails
  • Omega Fatty Acids and protein help nails grow longer with repeated use
  • Anti Inflammatory properties

Jojoba Oil :

  • Soothe dry or cracked skin
  • Improving nail bed strength
  • Anti-Oxidant and Anti- Fungal properties
  • Helps boost nail growth

Rosehip Oil:

  • Helps to reduce brittle nail growth
  • Help nourish skin and nail
  • Helps in nail growth

Sweet Almond Oil :

  • Contains proteins and minerals and vitamins A,B & E
  • Can plump cuticles to healthy
  • Great for helping to heal troubled nails with continued use

Tea Tree Essential Oil:

  • Anti fungal and Anti septic properties
  • Aids in repairing and re strengthening nails
  • Aid in nail discoloration

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